Between January 2008 and October 2009, the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems witnessed a series of seminars that were dedicated to Scientific Trivia. In every session, there were four to five less-than-six-minutes talks on topics that had to be both, subject of scientific studies and whimsical. Discussions were utterly inspiring, the reservoir of potential topics unexpectedly great. But we stopped when things were are at their bests. And when we noticed that our reading habits had gotten a serious bias toward scurrilities.

In memoriam, you here find a selection of slides.

Fishy Tricks
To hell or not to hell
Freudian eels
Stormy Chicks
Career decisions
Numerical approaches to God
Spiders on Drugs
Finger length diagnostics
Cow magnetism
Cooling the earth with cereals
Benefits from useless work
Colour psychology and martial arts
Waggling heads
Rat knots
Complexity of deterministic songs
Artistics senses in pigeons
Sexual orientation and the ear
Sheep friction
Mirror neurons
Chicks' arithmetics